Vaseline Healthy White Skin 2 IN 1 Plus Vitamin B3 Body Wash 450ml

    Vaseline Healthy White 2 in 1 Body Wash lightens as it cleanses. Skin can achieve radiance when it is at its healthiest condition.

    Skin can achieve radiance when it at its healthiest condition. But while a refreshing shower cleanses the skin, it can also leave the skin open to losing what helps keep it healthy-skin essential nutrients. Vaseline 2 in 1 Healthy Body Wash Healthy White is a refreshing body wash created with skin’s health in mind. It cleanses and conditions skin as the first step to whitening. while helping skin keep its essential nutrients. So your skin feels refreshed and looks radiant with health. A combination of healthy conditioning ingredients helps lock in over 5 essential nutrients. Vitamin B3 – known to naturally lighten skin.

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