Vaseline Men Body Anti Spot Whitening Menthol Body Lotion 400ml

    Visibly fairer skin in as early as 2 weeks*
    Actively cools & hydrates
    Whitening + Cooling

    Strong resilient skin to keep you looking and feeling healthy. By pushing your body to its limits during intense daily activity or after workouts your skin goes through a test of endurance leaving it feeling overheated and dehydrated.
    Looking skin. This was a big deal for men. Faced with a different pollutants out of Dorval. Sunshine of outdoor sports. The strain of smoking – these are all reasons why alcohol makes men less handsome today we offer Vaseline Men – UV Whitening Body Lotion 400 ml lotion to skin. And protect the skin from UV.
    Micro Formula Whitening agents, Vitamin B3 and Sun Screen Duo “to the skin. And protect the skin from UV “lotion that keeps skin moist and bright. View more radiant. Color skin smooth. Skin look healthier. Suitable for skin that needs clarity.
    Caution: Do not stay too long in the sun even while using a sunscreen. Do not apply on damaged skin.

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