Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair With Liquid Keratin Hydro Collagen Daily Treatment Spray 150ml (2016)

    Hair Repair With Liquid Keratin
    With Collagen & Hyaluronan
    Express Repair Daily Treatment Spray
    Instant Easy Combability & Moisturised Hair
    The Repair-Innovation Liquid Hair Repair
    The new formula with liquid keratin precisely repairs hair damage and refills gaps in the hair cuticle
    Rebuild & renew the inner cells, Reconstruct a healthy hair surface

    The Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen range has been formulated to perfectly rebalance the hair’s moisture levels. The special moisturizing formula contains two key ingredients: Collagen and Hyaluronan. Collagen recovers the hair’s elasticity, making it tangle-free and easy to manage; therefore leaving it with a healthy shine. And Hyaluronan recharges the hair with essential moisture without overburdening it, combating dryness and leaving your hair smooth and soft. It’s the first haircare range to use Liquid Keratin which repairs the inner structure of the hair cell as well as the hair surface with identical substances.

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