Olay Natural White Rich All In One Fairness Night Cream 50g

    New Formula Launched! With the combined effect of fairness cream + spot remover + moisturizer.
    Lightens overall skin tone by reducing melanin transfer to the surface of the skin
    Increases skin cell renewal to lighten for radiant looking skin
    Reduces the appearance of dark spots and Keeps skin well moisturized

    Nourish your skin with nutrients while you sleep for the healthy-looking natural fairness that glows. Nourishes your skin while you sleep to reduce the appearance of dark spots and dullness, resulting in healthy-looking natural fairness that glows every morning.

    Lightens Skin Tone by Reducing Melanin
    The active ingredients in this cream penetrate deep into your pores and lighten your skin tone by reducing the color inducing melanin so you are promised a healthy and glowing finish.

    Reduces Appearance of Dark Spots
    The reduction of dark spots can be seen within weeks of the first application. The Olay cream is composed to tackle hyperpigmentation of the skin, providing you with natural fairness over time.

    Improves Skin Cell Renewal
    Using the cream twice in a day will lead your skin to function in a more healthy way with improved skin renewal so you flaunt fresher looking skin with every use.

    Anti-Oxidant Protection
    The cream removes potential oxidizing agents from your skin enjoys a refreshed and youthful full look for longer.

    Ingredients: sorbitan stearate, cetyl alcohol, sucrose polycottonseedate, panthenol, tocopheryl acetate, stearyl alcohol, carbomer, dimethiconol, benzyl alcohol, ethylparaben, grapefruit, zizyphus jujuba fruit extract, lilium candidum bulb extract, ceramide 3

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