Nivea Extra White 10x Effect Vitamin Power SPF50 PA+++ 50ml

    The serum is absorbed deeply. For a white, smooth skin ** immediately aura ** Far from deep blemishes + light and comfortable formula combines the power of vitamin power, which is designed to help revitalize the skin with white boost extract, revitalize dark spots and reduce dark spots, sunburn penetrates deep into the skin + effectively. Maximum protection with SPF50 to make your skin look white and smooth

    Reduce deep dark spots to be white clear skin not sensitive to sunlight.
    Serum to protect the damaged dark skin was a long time.
    Protect the highest sunlight with SPF 50.

    Get 10 results for a white and aura skin healthy and reduce the deepest dark spots.

    1. Skin looks white and aura.
    2. Reduce dark spots in the skin layer.
    3. Reduce deeply buried dark skin.
    4. Reduce freckles and deep blemishes.
    5. Reduce the appearance of dark circles from acne.
    6. Make skin color look consistent.
    7. Small pores tighten.
    8. Smooth skin.
    9. Skin moisturized and healthy.
    10. Skin is not thin and sensitive to sunlight.

    The results are based on the individual’s skin condition.

    How to use: Gently massage over face. Use everyday after cleansing.

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