L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Whitening & Moisturizing Toner 200mL

    A toner that brings the pore size to normal and prevents the formation of dark spots for a fair, flawless complexion. Provides whitening benefits.

    • Pro-exfoliatine acts as an advanced peeling agent that helps smoothens the skin surface.
    • A combination of Melanin-Block and Vitamin C, acts to regulate melanin production
    • Packaging is sturdy and leak-proof
    • Has pleasant scent which isn’t over-powering
    • Gets absorbed quickly
    • Very refreshing

    How to use : Apply twice a day onto cleansed face before the use of other care products

    • With a supple, fresh ultra-light aqua texture that quickly dissolves into skin
    • Helps instantly refresh tone skin while providing moisture balance
    • Enriched with Pro-Exfoliatine, a powerful peeling agent
    • Helps improve irregularities on skin surface stimulate natural desquamation
    • Leaves skin softer, sleeker, more radiant well nourished all day long
    • With constant use, complexion appears more even transparent in a healthy glow

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