Johnson’s Baby Bath Milk+Rice 500mL

    As babies grow and start to discover the world around them, their skin comes into contact with many things and becomes more prone to dryness and chapping. Signs of development are also signs that they need superior nourishment for their skin. That’s why JOHNSON’S® baby milk bath is specially designed, with a gentle cleansing formula enriched with milk proteins for complete skin nourishment. It is a safe body baby wash product.

    We love babies.

    That’s why we have designed Johnson’s Baby Bath Milk + Rice. The gentle yet cleansing formula contains the rich combination of Milk Proteins and Rice Nutrients, plus essential vitamins and minerals to help complete skin nourishment. By nourishing skin it leaves it softer, smoother and healthier after the very first use.

    Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath and Rice wash cleanses and moisturises your baby’s delicate skin with milk proteins, rice extracts and vitamins to help nourish dry skin. 

    – Helps skin feel soft and smooth
    – No added parabens, phthalates, sulfates and dyes
    – Tested with pediatricians

    Baby skin loses moisture faster than adult skin so they need superior moisturisation. Our wash is specially designed with moisturisers to help keep skin nourished as they grow.

    Our Milk and Rice baby wash is  pH balanced, and its mild and gentle NO MORE TEARS® formula means it won’t get in the way of bath time fun. Johnson’s baby bath products are gentle. Johnson’s designs for safety and efficacy, and we prioritise naturally derived ingredients where possible.

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