Clear Complete Soft Care Anti-Dandruff Nourishing Shampoo 70ml

    Does the urban environmental stress and pollutants damage your hair and scalp? Daily UV and pollution exposure can damage your hair and scalp and may result in dandruff.

    CLEAR Complete Care Shampoo infused by Amino Acids helps to remove dandruff* and deeply nourish^ your scalp and gives you healthy-looking, beautiful hair.

    CLEAR shampoos are formulated with Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology to activate scalp to remove, resist and prevent* dandruff. End recurring dandruff*, for 100% confidence.


    1. Apply to wet hair & scalp.
    2. Rinse thoroughly.
    3. Repeat if desired.
    4. For best results use every day.
    5. Avoid contact with eyes.
    6. If eye contact occurs, rinse immediately.

    New Clear with Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology, consists of Guar BB18, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Amino Acid, to activate scalp’s self-defense** to remove, resist and prevent dandruff* End recurring dandruff concern* with CLEAR. Further, Amino Acid is known to be a key protein for delivering nutrients to your scalp for healthy-looking hair.

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